Drive-Thru Has A New Meaning

So, this morning, I got braces for both ankles. I have PTTD, posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction (PTTD).

Inflammation in the tendons in both legs that go down to the foot. These are called Arizona Braces. I don’t think it’s because I am in Arizona. LOL So Scott, the wonder guy at the #PhoenixVA prosthetics dept, did the custom fitting, they were made and I went in this morning to get them fitted. 

Arizona Braces


  1. They’re tight. 
  2. they’re stiff
  3. I can’t bend my ankles

Scott told me to walk. LOL Okaaaay. Well, on new things I have to talk out loud so my brain can hear it. So I’m telling self to ‘walk, just walk’. Then I tried walking down the hall. Well, there’s no rails in life, so I had to turn loose of the wall rail. I asked him if it looked like I’m walking with a stick up my butt. He grinned, ‘no’. 

He said if I bring in another pair of shoes, he can have them fitted with rocker soles, which will help with walking. I’ll bring them in tomorrow. 

I have to wear them all day, every day. Not at night. I didn’t ask for how long, my mind/body was reeling from having them on. I can’t think of everything! 🙂 Scott said these have everything my inserts had. Arch supports…but no padding. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of walking. Maybe I can put insoles in the shoes? I’ll ask. just a little padding?  And my knees hurt. I’m trying to learn how to re-walk. Telling self to SWING those hips forward.

So. When ankles are immobilized, this is what is difficult to do:

  1. Sit
  2. Stand
  3. Walk
  4. Push the gas pedal
  5. Push the brake
  6. Go potty
  7. Walk with your back straight
  8. Get out of the car

This gives ‘drive-thru’ a new meaning. It will be easier to drive thru somewhere than get out and walk.  

I have electric seats. So I put my legs very close when pushing on the gas pedal and pushed it back to brake. No more zoning out while driving! If I don’t push the seat back when braking, I give self a jolt when I brake, because I’m so close to the brakes. 

We shall see how I walk in a week. Everything new takes time to learn. [On a side note, I bet I sleep well tonite!]

BUT. My God heals. I am going to Dallas end of this month to Eagle Mountain Church, where Pastor Billy Burke #miraclestoday will be having healing services. Yep, I’ve got a list!

God healed me the other day when #DrRichardRoberts spoke on #SidRoth ‘s program and said God is lengthening someone’s left leg! I took it, claimed it and it’s mine! My legs are the same length now! Glory to God! 

So no doubt, God is going to heal me of this too. To God be the glory, AWESOME things He has done and is STILL doing!

Your Thoughts?

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