The Pledge of Allegiance from 2015

From 5-19-15

Every so often, God wants to ROCK MY WORLD. Today is such a day. There are many areas of the Bible we are all ignorant too, or haven’t read well. We can only research and review that which God calls to our attention.

Last night I was reading up on Whitney Houston, why I don’t know, which went to the illuminati, which went from there to others. This morning I started looking up what celebrities are in the illuminati. I came to an article on Amil Whitehead, a female rapper that left the music business because she wouldn’t sell her soul to the devil. She wrote lyrics on a song called “Quarrels”. One of the lyrics spoke on saying the pledge of allegiance.

I’ve heard it before, many times, but I chose to stay blind. Sometimes things get a bit much for me and I choose to ignore it, as if it doesn’t exist. Usually in my world, it doesn’t. But now, it’s come up again and it’s time for me to research it and pray about it and decide. Every so often, God wants to change my viewpoint, teach me, stretch me. 

Sometimes for me, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to keep my head buried in the sand. ‘It’ doesn’t affect me or my world, why bother? But I don’t WANT to be that way, no matter how comfy it is. God doesn’t want me that way either. So today, it’s the pledge of allegiance.


Just for reference, about 4 weeks ago, [in 2015] God told me to stop being disrespectful to President Obama when I think and when I speak. OW!!!!!! Writing the Word ‘president’ before his name in THIS article, is the FIRST TIME since he’s been President that I have EVER used the word WITH his last name.

This research on saying the pledge has taken me down a lot of roads, from how our forefathers revolted not from a spiritual basis, but from politics. They didn’t want to pay taxes to the King or obey his laws, so they revolted. Yet the Bible says to ‘pay taxes and give respect and honor to those in authority’. So obviously THEY were in the wrong. Some say it was to believe how they wanted to believe, but truth be told, they didn’t want to give their money to someone so far away, where they wouldn’t see any benefit of it. Better roads, etc.

In recent memory, President Obama said ‘we are not a Christian Nation’. Remember how riled up we all got?

But think about it. We are not. Hollywood is controlled by the Illuminati, the media doesn’t report all the news, we pledge allegiance to a flag and sharia law has become accepted in some parts of the USA and torture is accepted as a means to an end, [waterboarding].

There are followers of Jesus/Yeshua in this country, to be sure, however we are not a ‘Christian’ nation.

Which brings me back to pledging my loyalty to something that is someone or something other than, God. The Bible says I am not to have two masters, it says I am not to give an oath, to ‘let me yes be yes and my no be no’. I am told to act as a sojourner, a foreigner in a strange land. Because this kingdom is not my home, heaven is my home.

I am told to love my enemy and to pray for them. I am told to follow Jesus. I am told to ‘do good to those who hate you’.  

We are indoctrinated here in the US of A. To be proud of our country, that America is the greatest nation that has ever existed, that we are stronger, braver, better, compared to others  and that we are a ‘Christian’ nation. It’s very hard to break free of traditionalism and indoctrination. We’ve all had it drilled into our heads for decades.

So here I am, an Army Veteran and an Air Force Veteran. I was gung-ho United States more than most. I pledge allegiance to the flag at meetings and other public places. 


This has been hard for me.

Are they saying I should give up being a good citizen? No.

Are they saying I shouldn’t be thankful I live here and for what I have? No.



What has been pointed out via the Bible scriptures is that my allegiance cannot be divided between following America and following Jesus.

Is saying the pledge following America? When I don’t usually in my politics and world views? Yes, because what I say with my mouth, is what will come true in my life. Do I want to pledge to follow whatEVER the USA says or does?

Or do I want to follow Jesus? WHO or WHICH is my master?

What it all boils down too, is to whom do I pledge to follow? Yeshua of course.

Will I say the pledge? 
Will I pledge my allegiance to the USA?  
Will I fight for God AND my country? Is there such a thing? God AND country? 

Or am I such a sojourner that I wander aimlessly? God said even the foreigners are to partake in Passover and the Feast of unleavened bread. So, if we are, as foreigners in a strange land, to partake and do as the chosen people in their land, why not fight for the country we are in? 

Will I pledge my loyalty to a land that has given me food and freedom? Or will I pledge my loyalty to a living, breathing entity? Will I stand with God or will I stand with the USA?

I will stand with God. I pledge my loyalties to my Lord. If asked to give up my citizenship in the USA for another country? I’ll take the USA. So yes, to a degree, I pledge my loyalties to the USA. I have pledged to pay taxes and respect, honor and pray for, those in authority.

My heart however, is the Lord’s. Here is my pledge I wrote in 2006

I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ

My Savior, Healer and Deliverer

I am washed in His blood

Forgiven of my sins

One body, under God


With liberty, and justice for all.

Janine Joi
copyright 2006 All rights reserved

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